Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ideas to help the rust belt

This past week, I've listening quite a bit to a couple of pod casts of radio programs that originate from out of the area. The first one I've mentioned a few times in this blog. It's called 48 Days to the Work You Love" and it's hosted by Dan Miller and Tim Knox. It comes out of Nashville. Dan and Tim discuss trends in the work place, and take calls from people looking to find the work they love. 48 Days is live from 7-10pm EDT on Sunday evening.

The second Show is the "Tim Knox Show" hosted by Tim Knox(same one) and Paul Finley. It originates from Huntsville, Alabama. Tim describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur" . they take calls from those who want to set themselves up in business.

The reason I bring these up now is that after reading on message boards and on OMW thoughts from people who give their views of their perfect world, and what they want to hear on their radio stations. I think at times there isn't enough variety in local radio any more, and I think that the conglomerates don't care about serving the communities. I remember when WHK/1420 had imaged themselves as business radio. A format like that would be a great vehicle to air the above mentioned shows, and shows like Dave Ramsey. And this area, known as the Rust Belt, could use some motivation and inspiration. We live in different times from our parents who, in some cases, had employers who took care of them from day one of the job until the day they died.

I also think since there is an overlap of a lot of radio programs, such as Rush Limbaugh(in my opinion he peaked years ago). I think if the monopolies want to continue to go with syndicated shows, they should better serve the community and give us programs that would help as well as entertain.

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