Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paul and Marty, you've got friends

Only thing I want to say pertaining to the response to my last post is WOW! People wanted to know and I hope I gave them a little of what they wanted. And I figure that there are others who come here who were the type who liked to go to car wrecks.

Paul Rado and Marty Allen are two guys who will do fine and should land on their feet sooner than later.

I had no intent of becoming the Ohio Media Watch Wayne County bureau with that post, but I am also glad to be a message board to relay well wishes. Cliff Note:For up to date news on Clear Channel firings, go on over to Ohio Media Watch. He has much statewide as well as some national news. And for another view on the nationwide impact, check out John Gorman's Media blog.

And to everyone who left comments here, I thank you. And I also thank my regulars for bearing with me. I hope to be back posting my regular(?) stuff in the next couple of days.


Brenda said...

I just read where they let Brian & Joe go on WMVX. They were my favorite morning DJ's (when I can't find a song, they are who I turned to!!).

So sad!!!!

clean and crazy said...

so how's the book coming? still looking for material?

Margaret said...

You already have the Evil Big Box Store(TM). Maybe you should add Evil Radio Conglomerate(TM).

Anonymous said...

Which one would play the part? Clear Channel, Citadel (Citahell), Emmis, Salem or CBS? Right now, CBS is actually looking GOOD with what CC's been doing. And they're just as guilty.

And note, too, that locally-owned Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting took all employees of WEOL/930 - even their operations manager! - part time. So it's not just the big companies...

74WIXYgrad said...

Clear Channel is already known to some as the Evil Empire, and OMW calls the Oaktree complex, "World Domination Headquarters."

My beef was not that it was done, but how it was done. And if one rumor about it is true, I don't know how one of the hosts is able to look in the mirror when he shaves.