Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I Care......

At this point I am aiming to get back to writing for the group I call "the bunch", a very dedicated group of bloggers who have the same passion as mine, the passion to communicate to a relatively small group of people. They know the type of blogger that I am and why I sometimes go into a direction which may be out of the ordinary for me. This post is aimed at informing this group. But the others who have come here in the past couple of days are more than welcome to make this blog a regular stop and I will do my best, inside my interests and abilities, to make it worth your while.

Out of the people who had lost their jobs with Clear Channel earlier this week, the one I got to know was Paul Rado. I started communicating with him when he posted one day on the message board I frequent most often. He was defending Alison, who was a recent addition to the Mike Trivisonno show. Alison had received some unfair bashing on the board and he come on the board to defend her, pretty much as a big brother type. I emailed him to confirm to myself that it was really him. He answered in the affirmative and we started emailing each other on a semi regular basis. We had finally met a few months later when he and Alison came to my place of emttployment as part of a sponsor promotion. We had a very pleasant conversation afterward and had maintainedtt contact since.

In August of 2006, I had called Triv show to defend my decision to use my "WIXYgrad" handle on the message board, that I use this as a branding. He started yelling at me while Alison tried telling him that I was a nice guy. He said that I couldn't be a nice guy because I didn't use my real name. He also told me to grow(a set) then hung up. Paul then went to the Listening Party and apologized.

We met again at a remote called "the Dog Days of Summer." I went partially to see Paul and partially because there was free food, always a good reason. That was where that photo two posts down was taken. It was there where I saw Paul display his excellent people skills.

I know it's part of America today, but I really hate to see good, hard working people lose their jobs. Especially when I've become friends with them.


Leesa said...

I like small blogger niches as well.

MJ6 said...

WIXY, great points you make here. I also post on that other board and appreciate your blog. I have never met Paul because I worked at WWWE before it became WTAM. I only listen to a handful of people on WTAM nowadays because I think the station is going south real fast. I also agree with you about WAKR/WONE/WQMX I think everyone should support those stations because they are locally owned and

74WIXYgrad said...

Leesa: It's kinda hard to try to please a large group.

MJ6: I appreciate your comments, both here and on the other board.
It's quite easy for me to write like this and put out a good product because I'm doing here what I like. I can put on an act as well as others, but I don't get too much satisfaction from that. If I were to pattern myself after someone I've listened to over the years, it would be Larry Morrow.

clean and crazy said...

awe it is sad to hear you having troubles, i left a friendship award for you on my blog today. take care