Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday's Rambling-Highway Construction

So April Fool's Day has come and gone and I wasn't punk'd in any way. The cruelest joke is that highway construction season is upon us.

Interstate 77 is in the process of being widened south of I-480. This will take several years to complete and in the long run will make travel easier for those who use the freeway. But for now, it will be a headache.

Yesterday morning, I was on track to be to work on time. Having an almost hour commute each way, I don't want to devote any extra time to an already long day. Well I got into a situation where traffic was at a crawl. Keep in mind that this was at 5:40am, before the official morning rush.

Seeing thet there plenty of folks who travel from the Akron area to Cleveland on their morning commute, I decided to give my favorite morning show a call to let them and the listeners know about the situation. And since the calls are on digital delay, I got to hear it played back. Once again letting me know why I never got into radio. Anyway I got a chance to push one of my agendas by telling them "thank you for working at WQMX." And thank you Sue for explaining it to listeners. Perhaps we can get a movement started.

I prefer to let Scott and Sue know than the people at the "news station" up north. At the very least Wynn and Wilson know that route 21 does not run through Wadsworth.

Also speaking of Sue, I want to thank the "primary editorial voice" at Ohio Media Watch for his comment on the post I did last week in Sue's honor.

This traffic report was brought to you my poetry blog Whattville's on the Other Side of the Tracks. Check out my latest poem, called Orange Barrel Lament.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Highway construction can ruin a persons day.
We have had a very large expansion here on our section of I-75. The good news? IT will be complete 8 months in advance....that is what happens when you promise a gazillion dollar bonus for early completion.
Good luck, SUZ

Syd said...

I agree about highway construction. The roads around here are in bad shape. But our Gov. has decided to reject the many millions in stimulus money for this state. I think that he's the biggest joke ever. Have a good one, Cliff.

Pat Jenkins said...

your "voice work" has once again reminded me of that podcast you were hoping to start, how's it comin'? you could call it 5 minutes with slider!! or something like that!