Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coming a week from today!

Next Thursday, the Rittman Indians Marching Band will be performing in the Mogadore Band Show, marking the beginning of my 10th season as the voice of the Rittman Indians Marching Band. I am the undisputed loudest band announcer in Northeast Ohio.

It also marks the third season of From the Pressbox, which is my review of the performance. The WIXYcam will be there with fresh batteries.

In the next couple of days I will be posting some performances from years past. I may post one from one of my WORST performances as announcer.


Brenda said...

You are not just the loudest, you are also the BEST band announcer!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Seeing that you weren't at the New London mini show last year, you haven't heard me at my worst.

clean and crazy said...

how fun and exciting!! awesome go out there and live and yell as loud as you can cliff life is worth it!!

Matthew Killough said...

in case you didnt recieve my email:
i was just viewing your page an read that mogadore's band show is next week iam very upset right now cuz i cant go too it me and my family will be on vacation that week n it really sucks! i didnt get too go last year either due to bein canceled cuz of rain...
thanks for giving my videos a mention on ur page =)
ive been haveing a rough time latly an now its even worse cuz i'll be on vacation thinking about mogadore's show! i really miss bein at games an band shows... ive just been really stressed out alot latly and thats why i havent been on my page in awhile!! hope the band members and you have fun next week !!! i'll just have to wait till our 1st home game too see 'em.....
your pal
Matthew Killough
;( sure do miss our indian band!
i just hope i get to go too at least a few band shows this year but not keeping my hopes up cuz i got family members that dont wanna due much for me anymore...

Cliff since i probly wont be goin to our 1st show at mogadore would it be too much to ask if you'd get me some pictures so at least i can have that to look forward too!?
your friend
>> oh yeah i gotta tell you i got a picture of Mr. Sims at our sleepwalker festival this year and i'll post it later on in the week maybe <<