Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not From the Pressbox-Mogadore No Show

Let's see....
Spare batteries-Check!
Bottle of water-Check!

Driving to Mogadore was a real adventure this evening. Going through some heavy rain, which I was sure was going to pass. I got me a real good parking space, close to the gate, then came another downpour. I sat in my car reading my script. The rain slowed down, and I got out of my car, got my umbrella out of the trunk. Then came the announcement that there was a tornado warning. All those at the show were directed into the high school 40 minutes later the show was canceled.

Next edition of From the Pressbox will be posted here on or around September 5.

Update: I just noticed that on the upper right corner of this photo is a rainbow.


Mike Golch said...

stuff happens.

Shelley said...

Well that's too bad! Be careful driving in this crazy weather!

Brenda said...

I had to work over yesterday, I was hoping to go. I guess I have to wait for football to begin!!

dons_mind said...

funny how the rain is up said it was stormin nasty there in youngstown and at the stadium the tribe played the whole game - with even a bit of sunshine here and there...and yet you all got rain at Mogadore! weird patterns, eh?

Daisy said...

You must have been pretty disappointed about the game being canceled, Cliff. Too bad to be all set to go and then have it stormed out. The rainbow is nice though, isn't it. :)