Thursday, August 06, 2009

I like Betty Ann, aka MsHen because...

Betty Ann has been a friend of mine since the first of the year and quick became one of my biggest supporters. Betty Ann is a recovery blogger. Her blog is titled Diary of a Frugal Hen without a Rooster. She is a member of AlAnon and is very serious about her involvement in it.

Quite often I will get a word of encouragement from Betty Ann. Sometimes it will be in the form of a ((hug)) which comes at a needed time. We have become good friends in a short time.

As does most of the recovery bloggers, Betty Ann always includes a gratitude list in her posts. It always gives me a smile since she always is grateful for the most simple of things. When she gets through struggles, she will blog a gratitude about what she learned from that.

She is a single mom. She has a son still at home and she is very involved with him and very proud of his accomplishments. Betty Ann once sent me an email with photos of all his new exotic pets, some of which would freak my wife out.

Another thing I like about Betty Ann is how she will go to blogs I feature in some of my posts, comment, and start following them. She, like many others here, is a great encourager.

So if you've not been to visit Betty Ann, go to Diary of a Frugal Hen without a Rooster. If you leave a comment, don't be surprised if she pays you a return visit.


Ms Hen said...

You are so SWEET...

Send Kathy a (hug) from me to her..

Hope she is all better.. from not feeling well last week.


Gin said...

I love this. You bring the blogging world together! :-)

Terre said...

Betty Ann is wonderful! Her writing is an inspiration to me. I read her blog and think about the things I have to be thankful for in a whole new way.