Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another Birthday Shout Out

Today's birthday shout out goes to fellow media geek and baby boomer. Tim Lones, of Cleveland Classic Media fame, is 52 today.

Tim is one of my original internet friends, as we have interacted on the media boards since before we became bloggers. Although we live within a half hour(Cliff Note: Always proofread before posting!) of each other, we have never met. Hopefully someday that will change.

Tim works hard at something he really loves and his blog is one that is both entertaining and informative. His latest post is about Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. Check it out and while you're there wish him the best on his day.


Tim Lones said...

Thanks WIXY:
I think we live closer to 20 and a half miles from each other than a half mile..But thanks for the Birthday Wishes..Take care and have a good day..


74WIXYgrad said...

Oops! My bad. This will be corrected.