Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Top Bananas, East Division

When you last left me, I was in North Carolina awarding the last Top Banana. I decided, against my better judgment, to head up I-95 and pass out awards to those deserving in the Eastern United States. Cliff Note: In case you didn't figure it out, I-95 is not my favorite highway, especially between Baltimore and NYC.

Speaking of Baltimore, the "If I give you some steel wool, will you knit me a BMW?" Top Banana goes to Margaret, of Bellathena's Blog fame. Margaret is also an honorary Buckeye Baby Boomer Blogging Buddy(tm), having attended college at the College of Wooster, which is located about 20 minutes away from me. Margaret's blog is about life in suburban Baltimore, Md., her family, dogs and her knitting. She evens manages to make mention of the football team that Baltimore stole from Cleveland on occasion. All in fun, of course. We manage to have some off blog dialogue, as she likes to keep up on things around Wooster, Ohio.

Leaving Baltimore and heading up (yuck)I-95, I stop in NYC to hand the "I hope this makes her list of always excellent gratitudes" Top Banana to Betty Ann, of Me-My Spiritual Journey fame. Betty Ann is also a first time winner. She has this aura of confidence that many wish they could have as she is a member of both Al-Anon and ACOA(Adult Children of Alcoholics). She blogs mainly for herself but is also a very good online friend to have.

I will now head into Pennsylvania to award the "Sarcasm can be your friend" Top Banana to Michelle of House of Lime fame. We don't interact one heck of a whole lot, but I can always go to her blog for a good chuckle every once in a while. I think she could make a good verbal tag team partner for Busy Bee Suz. A good example of Michelle's humor can be found in a post from last week, "The Most Annoying Christmas Meme Ever."

Now to present a couple of awards in Ohio before I head west.

The "Poetry in Motion" Top Banana goes to Diane Vogel Ferri, of Coexist fame. I had the fortune of meeting Diane at a poetry reading in Cleveland this past summer. She is also a first time winner. Diane blogs from the heart and it shows. You need to take plenty of time to read her writings as there is much between the lines of her posts.

Another first timer is Michael Golch. He gets the "Let's add legs to our prayers" Top Banana. His blog is called Rambling Stuff aka Golch Central. Michael is one who jumps on top of prayer requests at other blogs and will either post them on his blog or at the Prayer Hubs. He is a very avid reader of other blogs and goes to those I recommend quite often.

While I'm in Cleveland, I might as well put in a day's work before heading west with my next set of awards.


Ms Hen said...

I love bananas... lol.

A million hugs.. Happy 2010 to kathy and you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Not a fan of I95 either...will go check out your recomendations!!!

Syd said...

Good stuff Cliff. You are still a top Banana!

Mike Golch said...

Cliff,thank you for the Top Banana award.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Aw, I'm blushing Cliff! Thank you - I'm honored.

Amias said...

You are certainly going around the country ... very good choices!

lime said...

well, shucks thanks, cliff! nice to know you find my particular brand of sarcasm amusing.

now a lime gets top banana....sounds like the beginnings of fruit salad to me!

hope you had a great christmas and have a very happy new year.

Jessica said...

I love the way you encourage so many people. God Bless You Cliff!