Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas house, a labor of love

For many years, the Kobilarcik's have transformed their house in Wooster, Ohio to a Christmas wonderland. Their home, located on Milltown Road, between Melrose Rd. and Cleveland Rd, state route 3, is a fantastic display of their Christmas spirit. We took out kids there when they were young and have returned many times. Last night I took my grandson, Ben, there for the first time.
There is space for plenty of parking, as the public is welcome free of charge. The sign pictured above, is behind the soldier on the left. This is the walkway to the house.
As we walked towards the house, we were welcomed by an array of Disney characters, all in their Christmas finest.

As you get closer to the house, you will see displays of dolls and stuffed toys, all in the spirit of the season.

The front and side of the house fully contain displays that took years to come together. Some of these brings to mind department store windows from years past.

And yes, there are displays that show the reason for the season.

The final photo is my grandson Ben with Santa Claus. I gave Santa my card and invited him to see what I wrote about the house.

If you live in this area and haven't seen the house, check it out. I think you will enjoy what you see.


Jessica said...

Wish I could see it! The drive may be a bit too far for me. But I did see it through your blog. Thanks Cliff!

Maggie said...

I have a neighbor who decorates all of the front of her home and front yard each Christmas.

I enjoy looking out my window and seeing the twinkling lights.

It is in no way as elaborate as the one you shared in your photos but is nice.

Thanks for sharing your visit with us bloggers.

Amel's Realm said...

WOW!!! That was lovely...they must've put a lot of effort and money to do it...and they didn't charge anything. LOVE that photo of Ben with Santa, too he he...

Michelle said...

Pure Magic. :-)

Brenda said...

Tom & I have gone to see it a few times. It is very nice. Reminds me of downtown Akron years ago. My mom used to take me up there every year to see the displays. We went to Lake Anna yesterday, it's beautiful. So many lights!!

clean and crazy said...

there are a few of those houses here!! they are awesome!! great pictures merry christmas!!

Rich in Medina said...

That looks worth the drive. Lake Anna is a good idea too! We drove to Cleveland last week thinking we would go see "The Christmas Story" house, we kept driving when we saw the line of people lined up one sidewalk and around the block!

Merry Christmas!

Syd said...

thanks for sharing these. The old houses in town are decorated and beautiful.

Bart Russell said...

I've driven past this home many many times over the years.