Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some thoughts from me

I thought I would weigh in on some issues of an entertainment nature. Some things that have gotten my morals wondering.

First, Adam Lambert: I really don't care about his sexual orientation and I didn't see the awards show where he performed his acts lately. But I do understand that it was a very suggestive, sexual nature. If it was a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, or a man with a man, this display, or anything that suggests anything that should be performed in a private setting only, should not be performed on free TV.

Next: Recently, I was flipping around the channels and a Miley Cirus video, "Party in the USA" caught my eye. Keep in mind that I am a grandfather of three, and my four year old granddaughter loves Hannah Montana. I also realize that Miley is only 16, which is ten years older than my oldest grandchild. I am shocked by the way she was dressed in this music video. I would like to kick Billy Ray Cirus in the butt for allowing his underage daughter to be dressed this way in the video. But this is just my opinion.

And now: Shame on you Grady Sizemore. The Cleveland Indians centerfielder had some seminude photos taken of himself, which he emailed to his girlfriend. Someone was able to obtain the photos and post them on the web. Shame on them too. Now Grady wants Major League Baseball to step in and investigate, and take appropriate action. Sizemore should have taken the appropriate action in the first place by not emailing the photos. Just another example as to why you have to be careful what you put on the internet.

One last thing: I am about to reintroduce word verification to my comments, as I've been getting spammed lately there. All but one has been by a gaming site. The other was by an escort service. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


Syd said...

I guess that I don't keep up with the entertainment news. And escort service...wow, I only get a lot of comments in Japanese on my site.

clean and crazy said...

you know it is funny how fickle people can be. the deal with adam lambert, and i am not a fan, is so funny, wasn't it just a couple of years back that madonna kissed britney spears on stage and it didn't get the fanfare that this is getting. also i understand good morning america canceling the next days show, wasn't it ed sullivan who censored elvis's pelvic thrust as being too risque for national television. of elvis i am a huge fan. i just wonder why they sometimes think it is wrong and others not. no i know exactly why, because the executives do not want to watch two men kissing on TV they would rather watch two women do it. my opinion is the same as yours, that should not be a part of the show period. men or women, it is too much of what our children are watching that they pick up on. the nasty dancing in music videos yuk!! and you are right about miley, she is supposed to be a role model and she knows this, but she is 16 and teenagers want to be more grown up. so her father needs to remind her that she is still a child. for at least 2 more years. look you got me ranting!! hope you had a wonderful holiday, i have been to busy to post, i am trying to catch up on comments today.

dons_mind said...

no idea who adam lambert is...barely know is miley cyrus is (my grandkiddies are far tooo young for her - thank goodness) and as for sizemore - we reap what we sew....mlb should tell him that too....

Michelle Dawn said...

Well I don't know about the Lambert thing , but I think Miley does dress way to inapproapiately for the younger kids. I'm trying to censor sis as much as I can.
Anyway it feels good to be back blogging.

Brenda said...

I thought it was interesting that poll asking who was the best & worst teen examples...Miley topped the "worst" list. Young tween girls were the ones that they asked the question to, so apparently they aren't too impressed with her actions either. Although they did vote her #1 in the entertainment category. By the way, Taylor Swift got the "best example" nod.
As for Adam, I liked him on AI, but I didn't much care for it either...Neither did my teen daughter.
Have a good day!!

74WIXYgrad said...

I think Taylor Swift must have some good level headed people advising her. I also hear that someone once say that of all people, Taylor Swift is least aware that she's Taylor Swift.

We need more examples like her and more folks like those positively influencing her.