Thursday, December 03, 2009

Brenda gave me a prayer request

And I have posted it over at the Prayer Hubs.

Hey, My friend Deb's sister Sonja is really in a bad way. She went in hosp. last week, she had scar tissue blocking her colon, and now they have found blood clots in her brain, they fear she's had mini strokes and possible damage to her brain. Things aren't looking so good for her, she's not coming out of her drug induced coma, been off the meds for 3 days now.

Please remember Sonja in your prayers and go over there and link up to it and show Brenda your support for her friend.


J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

It seems all I do lately is ask for prayers...but...

I was, unfortunately, witness to a horrific crash this afternoon in Florence at around 3 PM. I don't know names of those involved - I do know fortunately the lady in the SUV that rolled over didn't suffer serious injuries - in fact, everybody will be able to walk away from this crash physically.

Unfortunately, the event took an emotional toll on me and those who were involved as well and am asking you to pray for those who witnessed it, for the woman in the SUV AND for the driver of the Impala which luckily was still driveable just for mental and emotional reasons.

Brenda said...

Thanks for posting for me Cliff. We got news that yesterday (Sunday) she finally woke up, and so far seems to be clear headed.

Thanks to all that visited the hub and said prayers for them!!