Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is a craft.....

Most Dave Ramsey listeners are familiar with that phrase. Dave tells that to those who call him and tell him about being deep in debt. Or specifically:
"Beans and rice, rice and beans. Christmas is a craft, anniversary is a card. You don't see the inside of a restaurant unless you are working there."

Anyway, since things have been very tight at my home this year, I decided to take this somewhat to heart. A friend at work always gives me something for special occasions, not expecting anything in return. I had told Charlie I was going to do this for others, and I decided also to do it for him.

Thanks to the digital age, it's easy for someone like me to craft a gift for someone else. And since it's podcasts from iTunes which I get for free, I am not doing anything illegal. And I did make two CD's of the Dave Ramsey show.

Another thing I got for Charlie, who happens to be an avid NASCAR fan, was a Dale Earnhardt hat, which I found on clearance at Kmart.

Charlie is a real good guy. I think I will also look for some Gunsmoke on iTunes.


wzzp said...

You are a real good guy too Cliff!

Jen said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Cliff!