Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What brings you here?

I was blogging about 10 months when I put the current site meter on this blog. Since then, I have had some fun with it, and I have also been able to see what some come here for.

Unfortunately, my higest traffic days come when someone passes away. But when I've done tribute posts, I get some first time visitors. Thanks for the links on Liquid Illuzion, I am still getting people coming here to read the tribute posts I wrote for Suzanne 11 months ago. Although it's been months since I've heard from the family, I get the impression by the traffic I get here that my writing made some difference.

I also get hits for people wanting to read about my brother Richard, who passed away March 4 of last year.

On a lighter note, I get hits every day for those looking for Lawson's Chip Dip. It's only available at Ohio Circle K stores. I also think Circle K owes me some advertising money for as often as people come to this blog to read about one of their products.

Then there are those who want to read about professional wrestling from the 1970's. I get a lot of traffic regarding that.

I am blessed by those who come here several times a week and leave comments. I am sometimes amused by some of the search engine terms that bring strangers here.

Blogging is a blessing.


clean and crazy said...

blogging is a treat, i am glad that you blog, for what ever reason, it helps.

Syd said...

I wonder at those who have used weird search engine terms but thus far mine have been pretty tame. I remember very well your tribute to Suzanne. And to your brother. Very moving stuff, Cliff.