Saturday, August 02, 2008

And on some serious notes...

For my out of town friends who were wondering: WTAM/1100 afternoon host, Mike Trivisonno come through his procedure for prostate cancer fine, but time will tell how the recovery goes. He plans to be behind the microphone Monday afternoon.

Triv had called in during his show on Friday afternoon. He had made the comment that even the folks who hated him had sent him well wishes. He may had known that I had written a post about him, as I did have a hit on Thursday originating from the Cleveland Clinic. Even though some of the forum posters think I'm a hater, that is very far from the truth. I continue to wish the best for Mike.

Do you know what your children are up to online? I had heard something very disturbing from my daughter. She had said her 16 year old cousin was writing some very raunchy things on his myspace page. It had some very obscene language and many drug references. This page is password protected and his parents could not access this information. My opinion is that I think this is wrong, that parents should have access to what their children are doing online. My wife plans on telling her sister about this in the next couple of days. I believe that parents have every right to know what their minor children are up to.


Tim Lones said...

I agree:Triv does need our prayers that he will get through this ok..

Oh another note:It is very tiring to read on boards the "know it alls" about broadcasting that find it fashionable to constantly rip those who have some success...Off soapbox..Take care buddy and have a good one..

Anonymous said...

Wishing Triv the beast of health as well, Cliff.

AND, you're right about parents having the right to know what their child is doing on line. Takes a lot of work on the parent's part, but it is so necessary!

The net is a very powerful thing.

struke said...

Thanks for the update. I will say a prayer for Mr. Know-it-all.