Saturday, August 30, 2008

From the Pressbox: New London Game

Friday night the young, but improving Rittman Fighting Indians took on the New London Wildcats at Rittman Stadium. The team has more players this season, mostly underclassmen, so I look for this season to be another learning experience for the young team. Rittman scored first last night, but New London controlled the rest of the game.

This years band has also increased in size and will be going to all the league away games this season, something that hasn't occured in the past three seasons. Looks to be agood marching season.

Last night's halftime was somewhat abbreviated due to an induction to the Rittman athletic wall of fame. New London's band, the Marching Wildcats, put on a very entertaining show.

The Rittman Indians Marching Band took the field for the first time this season and the fans loved it. They opened their show with "Rock Lobster" made popular by the B-52's. Then as a tribute to the long time band director of Anthony Wayne High School, Bill Moffit, who passed away last winter, the band performed pattern in motion drills, which Mr. Moffit developed while performing the Black Sabath hit, "Iron Man." To conclude the show we asked the audience to swing along as the band performed "Mass Brass."

Special note to my friends in gulf coast states:We will be praying for your safety and will look forward to your coming back safe and sound. Rittman has sent EMS equipment and personnel to Louisiana to provide any needed assistance. And to my friends in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas, you are in my prayers.


Rittman.Indian.Band.Geek said...

i was their an i got completely soked! i didnt bring an umbrella! i have summ picc's an video from the halftime show last night an i'll add 'em as soon as i can on my site !!!!

i loved the new Songs from Rittman!! an i liked new london's band too!! i never seen red tubas before!.. can't wait till next week !!!!! if you want any of my picc's when i get em up u can have em... nice work, Cliff

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Pat Jenkins said...

the wayne high school in huber heights wixy?

74WIXYgrad said...

I just checked my archives. The Anthony Wayne High school is in Whitehouse, Ohio