Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post 700: Some assorted Cliff Notes

Mrs74 Update: The home care nurse was at our home today to remove the staples from the incision. She said that the healing was looking good. I also got Kathy out of the house a couple of times this weekend, one being a trip to the Evil Big Box Store(tm). Tomorrow we plan on going to her parents house for a Labor Day get together.

Watching the weather: Weather's fine here in Ohio, but all eyes are on the Gulf Coast, where Gustav is preparing to reach land. Looks as if our friends in Mississippi will miss the brunt of the storm and, as of this writing, New Orleans has been largely evacuated. Pray the storm weakens before it hits land.

Next Friday will be the first halftime band show I will miss since I began announcing for the Rittman Band in the 2000 season. WIXYjr and I will be attending the Promise Keepers event in Cleveland at the Wolstein Center. Look for a report at Seek Him First. Hopefully I will be able to bring the WIXYcam in with me.

I am grateful for all the support that has help make 700 posts possible. Your comments here, and encouragement when I make comments on your blogs help give me the motivation to come back for one more post.

About Politics: With my friends being divided on presidential candidates, I have decided to make this blog a "politics free zone." I know how I will vote, but I will not not debate it here. Other blogs are political in nature but this one won't be.

One last rhetorical question before I go: Where has the summer gone?


Monday through Sunday said...

Glad your wife is doing well. We are getting overcast, rainy weather from Gustav and also Hanna to the east of us.

Happy Labor Day!!

Daisy said...

The news about the coming hurricane is cause for great concern. I can't imagine how the people in the path of it must feel. Especially those who lost so much the last time.

I'm glad to hear Mrs. Wixy is healing. Hope her progress continues in a positive direction.

Happy Labor Day to you! We are going to a picnic with people my husband works with.

Mike Dane said...

What's to debate? Who ever wins, the voters lose. enuff said.

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm still looking for the candidate that has fully grasped the concept of "government of the people, for the people, and by the people."

struke said...

Cliff...thanks for the update on Mrs. WIXY. It's good to hear she is better. I didn't know trips to the Evil Big Box Store served as therapy. I'll keep that in mind. :)

I pray for those folks in Lousiana as well. They have been through so much.

I'm looking forward to your posts of the Promise Keepers. Please get one good wide shot. I want to see how big the crowd is.

david5258 said...


all kidding aside, CLiff, congrats.
best wishes to you and Kathy

Pat Jenkins said...

again i say 700 too many... way too many!!!... he he!!!