Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The price of technology

I had noticed that the newsstand price of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has gone to 75 cents per copy. I figure it's the price we pay for technology. As more and more go to the internet for their news, less rely on the more traditional means of news. Less people buy the paper and less see the advertisements. Ad revenue goes down. so those who still use the daily paper for their news fix have to now pay more in order to be able to get a paper.

I take a paper into work but others read it. Only thing I really read is the comics. And most of the time, the paper I take into work is the Akron Beacon Journal. I can remember when the price of a daily paper was 15 cents.

I can also remember when it only cost a dime to use a pay phone. Now it's 50 cents. But not many use pay phones today. The biggest problem that poses is where does Superman go to change if there aren't any phone booths?


Liquid said...

Paper goods = destruction of our forrests.
Pay phones are simply a target for drug addicts and criminals in general.

Guess our super hero will have to run in the store and ask the (with all due respect) the Indian guy behind the counter if he can use his restroom.
Which of course is not for public use. So maybe he should buy a gas guzzlin' SUV to change in. I hear that the prices on those have actually gone down.

74WIXYgrad said...

Or he could just go to the fortress of solitude, which I understand is somewhere near Meridian, MS.

Jim said...

I was obsessing about a post I had made and I wanted to clarify something. Non-Christians can pray for people and things but God is only obligated to answer prayers of Christians... that is people that have put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, for the forgiveness of their sins. God will answer the prayer of a non-Christian that is one of seeking God or one where they put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, for the forgivness of their sins.

Jim said...

I also wanted to add

I wanted to add that non-Christians praying for the health of someone may benefit the person in some way but God is not obligated to answer that prayer as He is with Christians, that is those that have put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, for the forgiveness of their sins and only Christians go to heaven.

Jen said...

The Kentucky Post newspaper stopped publication this year after 120+ years in print. It was a sister to the Cincinnati Post paper.

I don't see the need for newspapers anymore, and I think after the older generation is gone, we will see more and more of them off the press.

struke said...

I still read many newspapers. I read USA TODAY everyday and The (Toledo) Blade everyday.

Daisy said...

I read our local daily paper everyday, but I get state and national news mostly from other sources: TV, radio, and internet.

Pat Jenkins said...

wixy i can't get over the fact you can actually read, or are you just looking at the pictures in the comics?

Tim Lones said...

Just about everywhere in Canton/Stark County (where you can find the PD) It's been 75 cents for years..The GetGo (Giant Eagle) Gas Station by my house had it at 50 cents till the lasat couple days. Wondering..Is it 75 cents even on Newsstands in Cleveland?

74WIXYgrad said...

The PD is now 75 cents in Cleveland, as well as the "outside areas".

Funny thing about the outside area, at least for me is I used to be able to pick up a PD in Rittman for 50 cents, but the Same paper in Smithville would be 75.

For a while, the Beacon Journal would be 25 cents, but 35 in the outside areas. I would buy the paper for 25 in Wadsworth, but it cost 35 in Medina.

Tim Lones said...

At a Rite Aide across the way from the GetGo mentioned above, it is 75 for the PD, so if the GetGo had them, I had a choice. The Beacon Journal Sunday Paper at the Newspaper machine at the Fishers I work at is $1.00 on Sunday (Daily used to be 25 cents-Now 50) so I pick that up instead of the Repository, Though we get the Rep in our breakroom anyway.

I gotta say, though, the Beacon Isnt the same without Terry Pluto.