Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Eat fresh, call 9-1-1

It's true, you really can't fix stupid.

This man had called 9-1-1 in Jacksonville, Florida because he had ordered sandwiches at a Subway and didn't get sauce on one of them. He didn't call once, but three times about this because he felt that police were slow getting there.

He claimed that the "sandwich artist" wouldn't remake the sandwich for him, so he had no other choice but call 9-1-1.

Now every Subway shop I go to, the employee makes the sandwich in front of you and asks what you want as they make the sandwich. So I don't know if this dude was stupid or blind.

Click here for story and recording of 9-1-1 call.

Hey Jarrod, is there some sandwich you can eat to reduce a fat head?


Daisy said...

Oh my gosh, that's just crazy, crazy, crazy!

Anonymous said...


That's funny, at MY Subway, they make it in front of you as well! Imagine that!


Pat Jenkins said...

why didn't he say something in line, he's watching it get made. if he doesn't like what is going on it yell at them then.. ohh on second thought it probably is better to call the cops.... he he!!!

Monday through Sunday said...


Martha said...

OH wow! And I thought I knew some rude people

Jen said...

"The sandwiches were placed in a trash can at the suspect's request." it says.
I hope he had to pay for them! What a waste of food. :(

Jessica said...

That's a good laugh! Being that I work at a hospital it reminded me of the silly things that people will call an ambulance for. Once a woman called for an ambulance saying something was wrong with her baby. When the paramedics got there the complaint was that the baby wouldn't let her change his diaper. I think that falls in the same catagory.