Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If it's not one thing......

Right now, I have been attempting to bring the WIXY/at&t-phonecam back to life. I think it contracted some moisture last night, and that's not good, especially seeing I've only had it a little more than a month.

I will get in touch with the good folks at at&t and see about getting a new phone. If it's going to be too much then I will go to the Evil Big Box Store(tm) and get a Go Phone for $15.00, put my sim card in it and see if that works.

But for now, I will try to dry the phone out and see if it will come back to life.

Now for me, a cell phone is more a necessity than luxury. I drive 46 miles to work, and I'm sure everybody knows about the WIXYmobile. I also have an artificial left knee, so a five mile walk in case of breakdown would be out of the question.

I don't need a phone that serves as a GPS, iPod, web browser, television, or brews my coffee. I just need one that I can make and receive calls on.


Monday through Sunday said...

I pray it dries out and works! bummer! I do pray you have a good day!

cathouse teri said...

Dang! I wish I had an extra phone lying around so I could give it to ya!

My son did that G-Phone thing and it worked. He has T-Mobile. But could work with AT&T.

Worth a try.

74WIXYgrad said...

I appreciate the thought Teri. I got the phone going now, but I think the battery is damaged.

I should have my situation taken care of in the next couple of days.

Funny how much we rely on those things nowadays.

Daisy said...

Are you sure you don't want the kind that brews coffee? Might be nice to have a cup of coffee on those long drives to keep you awake. ;)

Just giving you a hard time. :)

Hope you get it fixed soon.

Pat Jenkins said...

i hate phones, but you do need them!!!