Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chelle is back!

Our Mississippi born, but Tennessee residing friend, Chelle is back blogging. Chelle had taken some time off from blogging and to sort out some personal issues, but now she is again giving us her thoughts.

Chelle had been writing two blogs, Life is What You Make it, and Thoughts From My World. She has decided to combine the two blogs and make Thoughts From My World her main blog. Her return post is called Learning from life.

If you haven't checked Chelle's blogs lately, pay her a visit. For all my new friends, go on over and make Chelle one of your new friends.


david mcmahon said...

Good work. Will check out Chelle's work.

More to the point, I hope Mrs74 is recovering.

Bless ya

Chelle said...

Thanks WIXY. So glad to be back!
Missed all you guys but did try to keep up with you while I was gone. Hope Mrs74 is having a speedy recovery.

Liquid said...

I just LOVE this chick!
For many, many, many reasons.