Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I like Pat J. because............

During the past election season, I read blogs by many angry political bloggers from both sides of the aisle. I'm sure these folks had their followers, most being as passionate as themselves.

During the same time, I had folks coming here whose views were both conservative and liberal, hopefully, as Struke put it in the comments of my last post, "to stop at the rest area on the information superhighway."

The blogger I'm going to tell you about is Pat Jenkins. He's a conservative republican, but he states his views in a humorous way, tongue in cheek if you may. He also uses his pet snark to tease all of us who make regular visits to his blog, called Pat J.(at least in my mind) Knows it all.

I call Pat the Rush Limbaugh of my blogroll. I also awarded him the "Excellence in Blogging" top banana this past January. I have also teased him about posting from his golden EIB keyboard.

Aside from his political views, Pat blogs about his family, wife Karen and daughter MacKenzie. Karen has recently started writing her own blog, Karens Korner and is proving to be an excellent blogger. MacKenzie is a champion in tennis, with a little coaching help from the old man.

Pat makes his daily trips to all the blogs, offering his sometimes twisted insight, but also his support when needed. He is also a Buckeye blogger, coming from Springfield, near Dayton, Ohio.
Check him out, but be nice. He believes in just recompense.


Karen said...

Wixy, thanks for the "shout out". I love the way you compare him to Rush. If you two were to ever sit and talk, you'd swear they were one in the same. You're too sweet!

Pat Jenkins said...

wixy i am honored you would remember and know me enough to list all "about" my life. you are a dear friend. thank you!!

Jen said...

I like Pat 2.

melanie said...

Yay..PJ!! Wixy.you are so kind! :)

Pat Jenkins said...

have you seen or heard about
this blog here yet wixy