Saturday, March 21, 2009

Passionate Blogger Award

Fellow Northeast Ohio resident, Mike Golch of Rambling Stuff fame, has awarded me with the Passionate Blogger Award. As a matter of fact I was the first one awarded. I guess the passion that I show while blogging is the passion to communicate with others in a non confrontational way. So in my style of passing along the award, I will tell you what I perceive is the passion(s) of the recipients of this award from me.

Struke of Media Matters fame: Struke shows a passion in electronic media and telling us, the readers, the changes he feels could be made to improve the product. He also has become a passionate political blogger in the past year.

Tim of Cleveland Classic Media fame: Tim shows a lot of passion in his blogging and wanting to do his part in preserving the history of media in my home area. Check Tim out as he will post things of national interest at times.

Pat of Pat J Knows it All
fame. What can I say? I already gave an award to a passionate Democrat(Struke) so as part of the WIXY's Gone Bananas fairness doctrine(tm), I have to give one to Pat, a passionate Republican. Pat gives his own unique view of world affaris, adding his own brand of sarcasm to it. I also wanted to remind him that Cleveland State beat Wake Forest.

Karen of Karen's Korner fame:I didn't want to cause any bickering at the Jenkins' home. Karen has only been blogging for a few weeks but she has made her presence known throughout the blogosphere.

And finally, seeing that I have unintentionally started a pattern of awarding Buckeye bloggers, I will award the last one to another resident of Ohio:

Daisy, of Dancing With Daisy fame: Daisy shows us her world and always give us a reason to dance along with providing the music. Her blog is a mixture of prose and poetry, photos and videos, and sometimes she will read the post to us.


Mike Golch said...

glad you enjoyed the award.Now to go check out your recipients.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats are passionate. That is what we love.
I think you passed the torch perfectly also. Suz

Karen said...

Yea Me! I have to thank my public, for whom this awards would not be possible, also, I have to thank my artist, for whom this would not be possible, I have to thank.... ummm, oh yea, Wixy for thinking enough of me to give me this award. Much gratitude sent your way!

struke said...

Cliff, thanks for the award! You're not so bad of a blogger yourself.

Daisy said...

Thank you, Cliff. I appreciate being chosen for this honor. :)

I also appreciate the honesty of your blog posts and the way you support other bloggers.

Congratulations to you, too, and I hope you are having a good weekend.

Pat Jenkins said...

congrats to ALL the weinners they desrve it!!... thanks for reminding me about the vikings!! but how did the zips do against the zags? i have forgotten that!

74WIXYgrad said...

Oh if only college basketball had one half.

How did the buckeyes do?

clean and crazy said...

Mike picked the right guy for this one, congratulations on the award, you definitely deserve it!!