Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Survey Question

As most people who stop here know, I'm all about helping friends. Now the task at hand is to the one who's been my best friend since Christmas time, 1977, my wife Kathy.

You all know that she writes a blog called Bipolar Supporters Unite, a blog that deals with the care and services she manages to obtain for our son, Adam.

Kathy has told me at times that there isn't much she can write about. I told her that sometimes she can get off the beaten path and write about her life and other thoughts as that would give some insight about a caregiver of one who's bipolar.

I thought I could give her some coaching and she can utilize the WIXYcam on occasion.

At the upper left, I have posted a poll. The question just concerns whether or not Kathy should just post about bipolar.

Please cast your vote.

Cliff Note: Results will be non-binding, but very helpful.


Busy Bee Suz said...

What do you mean the results are not binding???? :)
She should write about whatever she wants. her Prerogative.
My 2 cents.

74WIXYgrad said...

What that means is I put up the survey and wrote this post. I'm using both to try to motivate her to write about whatever she wants.

I also did this without her knowledge.


Absolutely! We must all speak and teach of what we know to be true. To share the odd and icky moments that make themselves cling to us when there is no one else in the room.
Some one needs to bare witness to our own undoing, and be brave enough to share in all the givings and the mis-givings. Fire away, I'm ready. She should enjoy the process of her own reality, whatever it is.

Any doubt>... go see and listen to all the various speakers there, including one Neuro Scientist who shares the details of her very own brain seizure!!!
...step, by step.

Fascinating own the brain works, both physically and emotionally.


Jill Bolte Taylor>


Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat Pray Love" speaking of creative genius, writing, and doubt!

Margaret said...

I am not a frequent follower of her blog, but I voted anyway. I feel that posting about non-bipolar things can only show the human side of a caregiver, and that's always a good thing. Even though the mere act of caregiving is a very human, heartfelt thing in itself.

Rittman.Indian.Band.Geek said...

Love the pic of u and ur wife i have a special post for u too tomorrow morning!

Blogger Matthew

Pigeon said...

For me, a blog is a fluid thing. It is alway changing and becoming something new. So, I was one who voted no.

clean and crazy said...

for me I write about my recovery in NA and I also write about my daily life, it really helps to have the bigger venue, but that is me

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

My vote was for her to share her personal life as well as the bipolar stuff. The way I see it, you can only gain a better understanding of the person's struggles by reading about EVERYTHING in life.

Pat Jenkins said...

amen to all the comments. whatever moves you baby, whatever moves you!

Syd said...

As we say in Al-Anon, we're there for us not the alcoholic. I would think that writing about herself and her struggle to deal with bi-polar disorder would be moving.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

OK, I clicked YES, but I meant to click NO. Can you please tell your lovely wife that my ballot was soiled? (I love that phrase.... and have never been able to use it...)

Seriously, it's her blog and she can write whatever the heck she wants! If she wants to write a long, verbose treatise about her BIG TOE, that's entirely her prerogative! :)

The beauty of blogging!!! :)