Thursday, March 05, 2009

My not so secret identity

To further dwell on the identity issue, I will add this about myself:

I have never tried to keep my identity a secret. The 74WIXYgrad "handle" I use is more of a branding than anything else. I used the name on message boards just to get attention at first.

To those who don't know, I went to broadcasting school after I graduated high school in 1974. The school was called the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique and they offered an 8 week broadcast-announcer course. I completed the course, so that's where the 74WIXYgrad name come from.

"WIXY's Gone Bananas" was a promotion of WIXY/1260 during the fall months of 1973. WIXY/1260 was considered one of the legendary top 40 radio stations and always brings back some good memories from baby boomers who lived in Northeast Ohio while going through their teenage years.

I started this blog in August, 2006 after being bit by the communications bug for the umpteenth time. My first target audience was those whom I participated with on the message boards, hoping they would follow me as I presented them with my view on things. As I would tell my personal friends about my blog and they would come there as I would do my "From the Pressbox" feature during marching band season and other things from my hometown, I expanded my audience slowl, but surely.

I never had any desire to hide my identity as I have always been honest with myself. I also learned early on not to use my blogs as weapons and that has made things easy to keep myself visable.

Why do I still use the 74WIXYgrad name? As I have stated above, it has become a branding for me. I tried to tell a local talk show host this when he mentioned on the air that people don't use their real names on the message boards. I told him that I use my WIXYgrad name because nobody really knows who Cliff Feightner is. He told me to grow(a set) and use my own name. Two members of his show, whom I had met before, told him I was a nice guy. He said I wasn't nice because I didn't use my own name, then hung up on me. I then decided to have some fun with that and posted on the Listening Party what he had done and wrote a post here about it also.

The next day I had a record number of hits(for the time), some of them coming from the "kool aid drinkers" working at the broadcasting company that owned that station. Some of my regulars had fun with this too.

I have considered changing the name of the blog and my "handle," But have decided to keep it. All my life I have wanted to have a career in radio, but I have been able to turn one passion n a hobby that I'm told I'm good at.

Cliff Note:I know that there are people who use different names to identify themselves on blogger, facebook, or various emails. I am sometimes taken aback an the email addresses some people use. Some don't realize the possible consequences of questionable email addresses. How many HR people at companies would give a second look at someone sending a resume with an email address of "wildthing", or "janethedrunk"?


Busy Bee Suz said...

Very funny CLIFF. (if that is really your name??? hmmmm)
I can't believe the gonads on that radio guy, what a jerk.
I love your name, it is synonymous with you, the real Cliff. ;)
What you did not like my email address??? what is wrong with littleblondewildandcrazygirlsgonewildwoman.
I think it is very professional.
Love the salad/sundae poem. you gave me have a belly chuckle. that means exercise.

Syd said...

Interesting career I'm sure being in broadcasting. Thanks for the explanation.

Matthew Killough said...

if you like too add a music player too your site with rittman band music here is my imeem site too get em !!! o yeah i heard my mom seen u an your wife at the store today ;)

Just thought i'd let you know its their if ya ever wan em..

Rittman Blogger aka. Matthew

SandyCarlson said...

Interesting background, Cliff. I wondered about the call letters in your ID.

When I taught college, I was amazed by the email addresses kids would use. The XXXXs they would throw in there....Lethal!

YEKIMI said...

If you did use your real name, how many people would go crazy trying to find it by trying to remember how to spell your last name?......I could see them spelling it Fightner, Flightner, Fitenerd, and so on and so forth. [not dissing your last name, just remembering the go rounds I had with companies that couldn't even get my simple 5 letter last name right]

Pat Jenkins said...

if you try and "hide" behind a nickname, then you are abusing or lying in the "system" (system being the cyber world). if you embelish or play with a nickname, you entertain the system. the nicknamed's attitude betrays which is his or her true identity.

J-Online said...

LOL. I always wondered how you came up with your blog name! Thanks for sharing. Jenn

Karen said...

I could never call you anything but WIXY so please don't change. And your sarcastic comments bring a smile to my face everytime I read it. Keep it coming! You are a good match for mr. knowsitall.

Pigeon said...

I understand the lure of broadcasting. When I was in college, I used to do a radio show at The College of Wooster, and in the Summer time at John Carrol University, I played mostly jazz and blues. I remember when we used to actually "cue" up the records!

Michelle said...

I have an in-law whose email is (in part) "fluffychicky"

Can't imagine any boss or business taking that one seriously either!