Friday, March 06, 2009

To expand upon my last post......

First I would like to say that I have never been a paid employee of any media outlet. I was getting the impression in the comments that some thought I was.

I had learned today that the Connecticut School of Broadcasting shut their doors right before the current class was to graduate. That stinks on many fronts. There were some who had put some faith in being able to get a piece of paper that stated that they took the classes. Some had their bubbles burst very abruptly. Egos are very fragile and broadcast students have some rather large ones. Hopefully when stimulus packages get handed out, these students will be able to get some consideration towards college classes, either in credits or tuition.

I told Leesa, of Leesa's Stories fame, in her comment section last week that I went to broadcast school and she got a real education. That was in part teasing, as I feel that I did get an education from this and use much of what I learned. I think that the money's wasted if you didn't learn anything you could use.

I feel that I'm just as well off as those who went deep into higher education and got nothing out of it.

Another thing: Don't worry about a name change. This one's good for the site meter. I get hits from people looking for WIXY/1260 and country station WIXY/100.3, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. And as long as I'm on the subject, Ray Glasser is the webmaster for the WIXY/1260 tribute site. It's an excellent website where you can learn much about the legendary top 40 stationAnd just in case my favorite morning show hosts feel slighted, click on the image at the top of my sidebar.


Margaret said...

Was WIXY around in the 70's? Wonder if I listened to it at mean Wooster.

Michelle said...

I missread bottom line as "Super Hero." LOL

Pat Jenkins said...

your radio post reminds me of something. whatever happened to the wixy gone bananas podcast idea? i am waiting....

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