Monday, March 29, 2010

And now, some AM Royalty

One thing I can count on with those who read my musings on a regular basis and that is that you are a very diverse group. And with that, I wish to introduce my newest friend. This one is local for me, one who participates on one of the radio boards that I do. She tries to bring it some class but that is trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Jacqueline Gerber is morning show host on WCLV/104.9. The format at WCLV is classical music. Jacqueline uses her personality and sense of humor to bring all those dead composers alive, and I think they would all appreciate what she does for them. She has been called the Queen of the Morning, and shares her thoughts now in a blog called Queen of the Morn. Some of her blogging serves to bring us all to her level, whether it be highbrow or lowbrow. Once a week, she might share with all of us some word that might sound naughty but really isn't.

If you have a taste for the classics, but live outside the WCLV listening area, click here to listen via But by all means, check out Queen of the Morn and let Jacqueline know how you like her insights. I think you will leave with a smile.

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Anonymous said...

Well tell Jaywepp to stop posting about WKNR day in and day out on the message boards. Then we might have some different conversation.

MediaKing said...

How come you take shots at most of the people on the listening party board but then you say you are not turning this into a vendetta? Seems to me you want to make buddies with radio personalities but then take unfair shots at the rest of the posters on the board. If you can take shots you better be willing to receive them.