Monday, March 01, 2010

Live from Dallas, Texas......

..It's the Total Money Makeover live event, and it will be simulcast across the USA. Above is a scan of the flier to the simulcast I will be attending in Wooster, Ohio at the Grace Brethren Church. The times listed are in the Eastern time zone. Click on the image to see the details where most of us can read them. Cliff Note: If you can read it without enlarging, I envy you. I wear trifocals.

For info where others in the United States can catch the local simulcast click here.

It will contain advice your grandma would give, only Dave keeps his teeth in.


clean and crazy said...

ahh, envy envy envy, don't envy my eyesight!!

that is awesome i like suze orman myself i know the two of these wonderful financial gurus think alike on many levels.

some people i know prefer dave simply because suze's lifestyle doesn't appeal to them. i think they are both amazing and i am making leaps and bounds on finances now if i could just generate an income i think i would be on top of the world!!
btw- any luck looking for work? get the car fixed? i've been thinking of you and hoping for some light at the end of your tunnel. i hope adam is still working and doing well.

Michelle said...

I want money to control. :-)

How are you doing, Cliff? We reached our one year unemployed anniversary in this house 28 Feb so I know exactly the ups and downs of being in this situation.

Love and hugs to all the family