Saturday, March 27, 2010

Of job fairs and Facebook...

So the job fair yesterday didn't pan out too well yesterday. All the plum jobs had very long lines of people waiting to talk to the reps. I did however, get some good information at a seminar sponsored by AARP, and was able to get a counseling session where my resume was critiqued. I may have some fun with the seminar part here in the future.

Today I had a Facebook friend request from one who graduated high school a year behind me. His name is Ferris Brown, former Medina County treasurer. So I now have a politician as a friend on Facebook. Ferris' brother, Dwier Brown, played John Kinsella, who was the father of Kevin Kostner's character in the movie, "Field of Dreams." Ahh..connections.

So I got ambitious and checked around Facebook and made several requests of people I went to high school with and got one answer back this evening. We shall see how this all pans out. You have to realize this: I haven't always been the sweetheart of a guy all of you, my online friends, have come to know and love. Those of you who are currently friends of mine on FB know my current profile pic is from 1977. I'll update it to a more current photo sometime soon. I was told by one of my high school classmates that I have aged well and am a good looking man now. Friends like that are keepers.


Amel said...

Yeah, good friends are hard to find and they're keepers indeed. :-D

Syd said...

That is cool that you connected with your high school friend. I think that Facebook might be interesting just from that perspective.