Thursday, March 18, 2010

Important numbers

156-My blood glucose reading this morning. Adding some exercise, as well as watching my carbs is finally working out for me now. I think I'm also getting over a hump caused by my losing my job. My blood glucose had been well over 200 and for awhile I had thought my doctor was going to put me on insulin. Now it looks as though I can keep it down.

1200- The number of this post.

Now I've gotta go for a walk.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Exercize ???

So critical! I think far to many people think they can control their health with diet, but without exercize it is futile.

dons_mind said...

ur doing good cliff! keep it up! that number will keep dropping! mine was 102 this morning!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those are some good numbers Cliff.
Glad to hear the weather is clearing up enough for you to get out and moving..if for nothing else but for your mental health.

ps. don't tell anyone, but some one called the coach fat boy recently...from the sidelines to the middle of the softball field, during a game. not pretty.
But when we won the game, coach said loudly: Looks like fat boy won!
You cant take that stuff I know you didn't.

Amel said...

GREAT JOB, Cliff!!! Cheers to health! I also need to exercise today - first by cleaning up some snow outside 'coz it's been snowing since morning...and then some light exercise inside. :-D

J. Moses said...

I gotta give you props, Cliff... that is not something I would have taken lightly.

Now, I'm at the library, having walked 1 mile to get here. I will soon walk an additional 2 miles to the mall, then another 2 miles plus back home where I will then, and only then, park my not-so-skinny-now rear end for the evening. :)

J. Moses said...

Oh by the way, I've gotta get back to providing weather forecasts for the entire 3 state area. As soon as I fix the USB hub on my computer, I will do exactly that at my Tri-State Weather Watch blog...