Sunday, March 28, 2010

I guess I shouldn't have played hookey

This morning we got up and decided that we would sit out from church since we had a very busy past week or so. So I left the house and drove my sister to her church. Next stop was a new thrift store in town where I bought a few items then had to gas up. I parked at the pump, was going to insert my debit card, and start to pump. Cliff note: Hooray for modern technology! Then my cell phone rang. Cliff Note: Boo to modern technology. It was my son. Adam needed a ride to his church. I gassed up then headed for Wooster and took him to his church, then did some other things for him. By the time I got to Rittman, it was time to pick up my sister.

So my morning of leisure never happened.

Now if the church comments have surprised my new Facebook friends who attended Highland with me and remember my foul mouth, be assured that I have changed greatly over the years.

Final Cliff note: One of my next posts will introducing a new friend to the blogosphere.


Leesa said...

Hey Cliff,

No rest for the holy!! Even when you sit out from church.. your day was still busy!!!

Hope you get some rest today!

Take care,

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny Cliff.
I love the BOO for technology and the Hooray for is full of up's and down's.

I hope your new political connections can help you out...and not hinder you. :0

Syd said...

Hope that you get some rest today!

wzzp said...

Rev. Angley has informed me that you are a backslider. In order to redeem yourself, you must visit the Cathedral Buffet, and eat some of their fried chicken. Heal!