Monday, March 15, 2010

My newest toy, hopefully a blogging aid

All wireless carriers like to keep their customers, and mine is no different. In the past, I've been somewhat rough on my phone, so when it's time to upgrade I'm ready.

The WIXY/at&t-phonecam has been replaced by the WIXY/at&tVideoPhoneCam, and yes, I got it for free. Now I have got to figure the video part out, then I can add some moving pictures here.

20 years ago, I never would have it was possible to capture video on my phone, much less a phone I got in the mail for free.

I just wonder what I will be able to get for free the next time I'm ready for an upgrade in 21 months...


Syd said...

The iPhone is awesome. Apple will be out with some fantastic new stuff soon!

Michelle said...

oooh, nice! :-)