Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am indeed blessed

Bulletin:Ohio Media Watch has announced that (they) will return on Monday, January 29. It should be bigger and better than ever.

The muse has visited several times today. Funny before this morning I hadn't had a post since Sunday, and today I've had three posts between my two blogs.

I was made to realize that no problem is insurmountable when the Lord is in control. I just had to have friends to remind me.

Even though I don't respond to all the comments on my posts, I appreciate them all, and today they were very uplifting.

I had to get some medications refilled on my way home tonight. One of those which I take for my blood pressure had costed me 15 dollars, which was my co-pay. The cost was cut in half.

I will rest better tonight. Thanks to everybody who helped my day.

Hang in there Danny. Remember that no problem is too big for the Lord.

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