Sunday, January 21, 2007

The new Kayfabe

For those of you who aren't familiar with pro wrestling, the word "kayfabe" means to stay in character and storyline. There has been times in the ring when kayfabe has been broken, so one of the performers could get out of character and give his real feelings. that either occurs after the death of one of the fellow wrestlers, or after a national tragedy, such as 9/11.

Click here to read the Wikipedia article about kayfabe.

I think that kayfabe can be used concerning message board posting. Sometimes the kayfabe (which in this case I'm using as keeping your real identity under wraps) is used to protect your professional identity. Some of the individuals which I communicate with off the boards and I identify here as their forum names have to in order to be able to express themselves for reasons I can respect.

Other times this kayfabe is used for evil or immoral means, things which give the internet a black eye.

I've stated time and again that I'm the same person on this blog and on the forums that I am if you were to meet me on the street. I don't figure an overweight, partially disabled, 51 year old grandfather would appeal to anyone except for my wife. I hope that my honesty would be one my more endearing qualities.

One last thought.

Getting a blog from blogger or my space-free.

Earning the trust from those who read these words-priceless.


Danny said...

AWWW, C'MON Cliff!!

You are a handsome guy-I've seen your pictures!!

Seriously, I can attest that whenever we talked on the phone, you always had the same demeanor.

Keep on "keeping on", as it were.

You know and I know that we will have to answer for it in the afterlife...

God bless and take care my friend.

74WIXYgrad said...

Some people like to play someone else and that's okay with me, unless they use that to do something illegal or otherwise take advantage of others.

The reason that I play myself is that is what I know what to do the best. I'm not smart enough to remember lies that I might have said, so it's easier to play myself than to pretend to be someone else.

I also find that's it's my hottest commodity.

I also value those friends that I've made under these pretenses. It shows to me that I've done the right things after all.

And may god bless you real good Danny.

BizDecision said...

WIXY...I had no idea there was such a word as 'kayfabe.' And I watched Pro Wrestling for a lot of my growing up years. Excellent! Thank you! I learned something new!

74WIXYgrad said...

In my old age I've become more interested in the mechanics of rasslin' than the actual action. I didn't learn the word "kayfabe" until a little bit ago. Then it was an internet wrestling site,

Sites like that, run by knowlegable people are to pro wrestling, what some message boards(and Ohio Media Watch) are to broadcast media. Mainly a thorn in their side.

Anonymous said...

Nice posts, But I miss my OMW :(

74WIXYgrad said...

I miss OMW too. He needs a rest, and I can understand that.

OMW does his blog as a labor of love, and so do I.

He serves others with his information, and in the case of myself and some others, inspiration.

I'm just grateful that I can touch a few folks while scratching my itch to take part in some mass communication.