Thursday, January 18, 2007

Past the hump

First, a tip of the hat to the newest friend of this blog, BizDecision. Welcome aboard Biz. Mold those young minds in your charge in the best way you can.

I received a call from WIXYjr last night. He was needing advice on what to take for a cold. I asked him if he was watching American Idol. He said no, that he didn't watch until they get down to the final 24(the time, as I was informed by a very reliable source, that it goes from a reality show to a talent contest).

We then talked about a story I read in yesterday's Beacon Journal concerning two youths who took a train locomotive for a joyride. The "joy ride" took the two boys past Hocking College, where WIXYjr. attends.
Campus police noticed the train going past the college(this was early Tuesday morning) and thought that this was odd, since the train only runs on weekends. Hocking College is in Nelsonville, about 60 miles southeast of Columbus.

The two youths took the train as far as Logan, 12 miles away before authorities finally nabbed them.

My question is why would anyone want to take a train for a joy ride? It's not like you can hide it in someones garage.

Seriously though, I hope these young men, ages 13 and 16, who had left a detention center, can straighten out their lives before it's too late.

Both WIXYjr and one of his sisters has aspirations of becoming teachers. I hope they can be difference makers and maybe be able to help prevent others from going to detention centers. The 16 year old had an interest in trains and knew how to operate that one. Someone that intelligent could go far if he has someone to help guide his way.

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BizDecision said...

Thank you for the tip of the hat. I agree with you on the kids and going to juvenile detention. There are some really bright kids in this world. They just need to channel that brilliance and creativity in the right direction.

Bizdecision said...

Best of luck to WIXYjr and his sister in their education careers.