Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What are they thinking?

I was not going to post anything tonight. But as I am getting ready to wrap up my day, I have on American Idol. My son is a real talented singer and wanted to audition in Cleveland two years ago. I, feeling that it wasn't in his best interest at the time(he was having some personal problems including seizures), discouraged him from going.

Right now they are showing the audition programs. After seeing some of these folks "sing" I have to wonder, am I a good parent, or am I a bad parent for discouraging my son? Or are some of these people the products of disfunctional families?


Of course there is always Trivsearch.


BizDecision said...

I watched tonight as well. I don't remember the two guys who made friends in line. One was chubby and seemed to have a lisp. He sang "God Bless America." The other guy was just as bad. Simon said he looked like a monkey. Neither belonged on that show. I seriously thought the bigger guy had mental issues. Shame on the American Idol producers for putting those two through to an audition. But we all know it was done for ratings.

B. said...

I read an article from somebody who went through these auditions...they were told, it is a reality show until it hits Hollywood..then it turns into a talent competition. Good, Bad or Otherwise...That's reality TV....and Cliff, I've met a couple of your are a good parent!!!

74WIXYgrad said...


You know this since you are a teacher. I know this because of some circumstances growing up. My younger brother suffered alot of problems, which included being developmentally disabled and epileptic. The tragic truth to all this is that one persons pain is another persons entertainment. Another example of that would be America's Funniest Home Videos.

Tim Lones said...

I personally dread American Idol. Mostly because the whole thing seems shallow and self serving..Thing is my wife Linda absolutely loves it. I happened to catch it as my wife was watching just after the above mentioned audition. The big guy had choice words for Simon..But all I could think was..Simon was probably right..The little guy was saying, "I do NOT look like a monkey" Just totally sad..

I have prayed for a number of years that "reality tv" would fall out of favor with viewers enough that it would just disappear from television..

BizDecision said...

I am sympathetic towards the developmentally disabled and the special needs population. I spent one year as a special education aide in a very wealthy school district and have subbed in Severe Behavior Handicapped classrooms. These folks have unique challenges. We should count our blessings. And I feel it's our "duty" as human beings to help them out. Enough of my soapbox.

74WIXYgrad said...


As long as you are posting on my blog, feel free to stay on your soapbox. I worked 12 years at a state home for the developmentally disabled, and my daughter who is going into teaching is a special ed major. My wife also worked at the facility where I was(that's where I met her). So my family is more than familiar with "special needs" people.

Anonymous said...

You mean it isn't funny to laugh at "'tards"?