Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Notes to start the abbreviated work week

There are more than one billion people in China, most of whom don't care what I write in this blog. I felt that I had to write those words to put things into perspective. But those who look at my words do notice things.

I've been busted: Mary Ann, the benefits coordinator at the company I work for, and a very faithful reader, noticed that I mispelled a word in yesterday's post. Good thing about posting on the internet though is you can go back and correct mistakes. What was that word? I hit the "a" instead of the "s" when I spelled "yesterday". You know what that makes me? Human.
I've also been propped: Michael Dane, of This Wild World and Sunday Oldies Jukebox fame, gave me props in his latest entry in his new blog. I'm only giving back what was given me several months ago when I started writing this blog, as I also received tips from others. But commenting on his subject today I will say comparing WMJI to the Sunday Oldies Jukebox is like comparing Smith's Dairy in Orrville to Hartzler's in Wooster. Smith's puts out more ice cream, but has less flavors than Hartzler's. You can get Smith's at more places than Hartzler's. If someone offered me a bowl of Smith's, I would take it, but if given a choice I would choose Hartzler's. In case I'm not clear Smith's would be WMJI, and Hartzler's would be SOJ. (WKVX in Wooster would be Breyers)
Hungry? Drive to Wooster and get a cone at Hartzler's. It's worth the trip. This has been an uncompensated plug for a good business run by a good Christian family.


Mike Dane said...

You would have to help me blow
my diet. LOL Like I need any
help finding ice cream places.
Like the one on 303 a mile or
three off of 21 that sits in
the middle of an orchard and
has honey ice cream. yum! Wish
I could remember the name of
that place. Oh well I just
might have to take a road trip
to Hartzler's for a taste.

Mike D.

74WIXYgrad said...

I remember that one. I grew up in Hinckley, and would pass it on my way to the Coliseum.

Just fix yourself a WIXY's Gone Bananas split.