Friday, January 05, 2007

Some stray brainwaves

Persistance pays off, I guess: Johnny Morgan, fulltime attorney, part time disc jockey, and all around good sport has restarted his blog Morgan's Musings. This was after some "prodding" from yours truly. I do have to wonder, however, if it was wise on my part to harass an attorney. With no restrictions, look for some good stuff from Morgan's Musings.

My next question is aimed at OMW: How many blogs has Ohio Media Watch now inspired?

As I was driving to work this morning, I took I-77 to the E.55th St. exit. Heading north on 55th I approached the 5 point intersection, E.55, Woodland, and Kinsman. Approaching this intersection there is a sign that says "Right Lane Must Turn Right". Well, I was still going straight, as Central Ave. was my destination. I was in the middle lane. The car beside(in the right lane) also went straight. I just wonder, was that sign a directive-Right Lane Must Turn Right! Or was it a rhetorical question- Right Lane Must Turn, Right?
On a somewhat related note click here to read Bob Dyer's article about 2007 highway resolutions.

Another personal note: My wife, Kathy, informed me this afternoon that she was named employee of the month out of the Wooster office of ASAP Homecare, where she is a home health aide. Anybody who works, know that sometimes a paycheck isn't always enough recognition for a job well done. We plan on celebrating with some ice cream from-you guessed it- Hartzler's.

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