Friday, January 26, 2007


At the end of a week where I had my ups and my downs, I am pleased to announce the newest addition to the family.

Silas came into the world last night at 10:15pm. He is our third grandchild. Silas, Mom, and Dad are all doing fine. So is brother Ben, and sister Makenna.

You could by the use of cameras at the hospital tonight who the grandparents were.

In case you were wondering about my knee: I had an appointment at the Crystal Clinic(great facility) today. Dr. Lewandowski said that all I probably needed was some exercises to strengthen my quadriceps.


Mike Dane said...

Congratulations on the new
grand baby. My prayers are
with all of you and for a
long, successful and happy
life for the Silas.
As for your knee I'm glad
it was not something major.
I guess I'll see you at the
gym. You be careful in this
weather dog gone it.

Mike Dane

BizDecision said...

Congratulations to the newest WIXY family member! Being the happy grandad you are, I'm sure you already have an old Gates board in his baby room, sitting there ready for him to start spinning the dials!

Amias said...

Beautiful baby Cliff!