Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We should all observe the 10 foot rule

Maybe I'm too trusting an individual. Or perhaps, I am too optimistic.

I start this with a slip. It happened late yesterday afternoon when I was taking trash to the curb for pickup. I slipped and fell. No problem except for the fact that I had my knee replaced almost six years ago. when I got to work this morning my leg was stiff, so I had to call the doctor's office for advice, and of course the I was told to come in. The good thing about this was that my work day ended at noon. At least I didn't have to put up with rush hour traffic coming from Cleveland this afternoon.

I got to the doctor's office fine. Weight is up, blood pressure was up, I thought I was in trouble for that. That wasn't even mentioned. What the doc was concerned with was the play in my man made knee. I was referred to the Crystal Clinic(original total knee was done by Dr. Gradisar, now retired) I was also sent for x-rays, and went to Kaiser, my heath care provider.

I proceeded to go to Fairlawn. Problem was, Fairlawn radiology was closed for remodeling, so it was off to Chapel Hill. At the Kaiser facility, I got my knee x-rayed. I got to my car with x-rays and then discovered I had a slip for hip and femur x-rays also. Back to radiology. While I was waiting I started sneezing. This lady next to the window said in a low voice "bless you". Before I could say thank you I sneezed three more times in a row. Then I said "thank you". this young lady with a small child replied "I should have said bless you" I told her that the other lady already did, but I couldn't say thank you for the sneezing fit I was having.

We proceeded having a decent conversation regarding how people are always in waiting rooms afraid to say anything to anybody else. I told her that life should have a "ten foot rule".

I explained that when I worked at K-Mart, they had a ten foot rule, which meant that whenever anyone came within ten feet of you, you should greet them with a smile and a "welcome". She agreed, but told me that since she owned a business and was a mother she was sometimes too worn out to greet people. I told her since she owned a business, that was all the more reason to observe a ten foot rule.

We should all observe a ten foot rule. Most people who read this blog and comment give me the impression that they are people persons. I enjoy getting a smile from those who seem happy to see me. I also enjoy being able to give someone a smile or maybe a laugh.

People seem to be in their own bubbles at times, connected to their cell phones and iPods. The only time someone will speak to others is when they want something.

I see time and time again that those who get the most out of life are the givers. Lets start by giving out smiles. That's something you don't run out of.

Oh, and please pray that nothing is wrong with my knee.


david5258 said...

cliff-i work as a vendor who has kmart as a national client. the 10 foot rule is practical. as i interact with people to invite them to our demos, i frequently see many people with scowls. when they ask if they need to be present for the demo, i smile and invite them to bring their smiles with them--david5258

74WIXYgrad said...


Ever demo at the Wadsworth K-Mart? My daughter works there.

Anonymous said...


You DEFINATELY have MY prayers.
I don't know if God will listen to me or not; He's been ticked off at me for a while.

But, I will pray nonetheless...

Your Friend,

david5258 said...

cliff-yes, many times. your daughter probobaly remembers the guy on the phone paging system saying:

david5258 said...

to mr anonymous--GOD ALWAYS LISTENS to the cry of a broken heart. HIS Favorite name is daddy...may you come to know HIM in a way that is real to you like you never have before. Cry out to HIM--HE IS THERE and HE will be there WITH you.-david5258

74WIXYgrad said...


Evidently we had the same inspiration, as I used the same sthick when I worked part time in the electronics dept at the Wooster Wal-Mart about 10 years ago. Customers really enjoy hearing someone who is excited about their job. Too often you hear someone on the public address who try to give an infomercial instead of being short and sweet and whetting their appetite enough to come over to their section. I will ask my daughter if she has heard you.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say the 10 foot rule is people should stay 10 feet away from you! LOL