Monday, January 01, 2007

Well, Happy New Year anyway

New Year's Day is here, and the only hangover I'm suffering from is the one over my belt. But I posted yesterday that I have made no resolutions, so I will have to follow this secret formula, but I will let you in on it: eat less and exercise more. We just have to be able to write this up as a fad diet and we could make millions.

My wife had to work last night so instead of going to church for New Year's Eve dinner, and service, I wanted to stay home and wait for her. We watched "New Years Rockin' Eve". Dick Clark looked good last night,even though he's still showing the effects of the stroke he suffered two years ago. Ryan Secrest's appearance reminded me that "American Idol" starts up in a couple of weeks. The best part is watching everybody who think they have talent show they don't.

Enjoy your day.

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