Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What good is a man's word nowadays?

Inventory time at work again, so I was basically chained to my desk. My radio was on ESPN1540, the only AM station I could get in my office. The topic of discussion was mainly Nick Saban going from being the head coach of the Dolphins(where I understand he had some time left on his contract) to become the head coach of the University of Alabama. Now I ask you, what values are these major colleges teaching student athletes when they can have a coach break his contract to come to their school?

It's bad enough that more than half of all marriages are doomed to break up nowadays. During my life we have seen loyalty diminish in all areas.

I remember when you had a local pro sports team you could root some of your favorite athletes, but those days are long gone. Now if you root for the Cleveland Indians, you had better just root for the uniforms, because time and time again the Indians have just been a farm team for the rest of major league baseball.

The Indians drafted Albert Belle against their better judgement. Put him through alcohol rehab, stood behind him through various anger mismanagement episodes, and how did he thank him? He left on the "first bus out of town." Others have come and gone, only to show loyality to nothing but the almighty dollar.

I read on the discussion boards from my friends who had made their living in the broadcast industry. I've heard instances when their stations would be sold and the new owners would tell them(what I call "famous last words") nothing will change. Oh, but we know that's a crock.

My wife and I will be married 28 years on March 10. I try to do my best to be a man of my word, and I think that I'm the nicest guy I know.

Leo Durocher was misquoted when he said this, but sometimes I wonder how true it rings.
"Nice guys finish last."


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