Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Blog-Media Matters

As I have stated in the past, my blog is not specifically about media. However since I am very active in several media forums, I have a number of folks who are or have been in media who check in, mainly to make sure I behave myself. And one of my media forum friends has a blog which deals with media, and his high school classes.

The new blog is called Media Matters. The blogmeister is a teacher in Aurora who has worked for several media outlets around the area. The decision to go into teaching was to be able to send students who want to be in radio, television etc., in the proper direction, letting them know exactly what to expect when pursuing a career. The blog is also an attempt to give these students an outlet to express themselves outside of the classroom.

A note to those Rittman parents who check in here periodically. This would be a great opportunity for Rittman students to interact with students from other districts, and for them to let the media of the future know what may be expected of them. Rittman students comments are welcome and encouraged on Media Matters. By the way that goes for this blog too.

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Mr. Strukel said...

Thank you for the plug for my blog. I hope to see some student participation. The more 'friendly' we can make blogs for kids, the better the exchange for ideas.

Too many times, kids will say that adults "don't get kids." Our blogs are a chance where hopefully, we all can connect.