Friday, April 13, 2007

Does CBS practice a double standard?

As readers here already know CBS radio, along with NBC Universal, fired Don Imus from his morning program, because of racially insensitive remarks directed toward the Rutgers women basketball team. I have no problem with the action taken against Don Imus by CBS or NBC(his morning program was simulcast on MSNBC).

Where I don't have a problem with those actions, I do have a problem with, in my mind, an ever increasing problem by broadcasters today. And I will use the radio program, "Rover's Morning Glory" as a prime example.

Today, at work, I had to go into the office adjacent to my own to use the copier. In my office, I either listen to CD's, WCRF, or quartet music from the internet. In the office I entered, Rover was on, and on the program was a segment called "Dare Deiter". I guess Deiter has to do something a listener dares him to do. I was told later on that the dare was to have a horseshoe thrown into his(groin area). What I had heard was the vulgar slang term used for testicles.

Now I sense a contradiction here. Imus was fired for comments made because "of the effect language like this has on our young people." That quote was from a memo from Leslie Moonves, to the employees of CBS radio. Imus in the Morning wasn't even geared toward the younger audience.

What effect does daring someone to have a horseshoe thrown into their groin going to have on a wet behind the ears teenager or young adult?

Another problem I have is the use of the Lord's name in vain. Why is it that Christians are the only group that can be discriminated against?

I guess that if I had to dare Deiter to do something, it would be to wash Rover's mouth out with soap.

And what's it going to take for CBS to get it?

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Bizdecision said...

Rover and Dieter are pure trash. WIXY, I agree with you that the show isn't worth listening to...but it's hard to deny the fact that there is a market for that garbage. The only way to hit these people is in the pockets.

Look at what happened to our beloved big-time wrestling over the years. It is now catering to such low-brow people. There's no way I would take a kid to see any house shows.