Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday thoughts

As I sit here typing this post, my wife is getting ready to fly to Florida to help her father drive home. She is going with her sister. So I will have to do the planning of Easter dinner.

To my forum friends: Yes, I am fine. I didn't suffer a relapse. I just took all I wanted to take, and decided to vent. One part of the philosophy of the company I work for is "We take care of our friends." Some of my friends on the boards had been wronged and I didn't like it, so I had to express my discontent.

RIP Harvey Kassebaum: If any readers attended classes at the western campus of Cuyahoga Community College, you may be familiar with that name. Harv was a doctor of English at Tri C for many years. He also was my wife's next door neighbor when she was growing up. Friday night he lost a long courageous battle with cancer. Harv's positive attitude was in inspiration to all that come into contact with him. He will be missed.

The Rittman Band should be back from their trip to Universal Studios. I should have a story to share and pictures from my sources.

Everybody have a great week. Oh, and by the way, I will be replacing the picture on the upper right in the next couple of days.


WZZP said...

Thanks for all you do Cliff!

Mike Dane said...

Remember, you're one of the good
people in life and we are here and
will support you when you need
that helping hand.

Mike Dane