Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Double feature

First, the Indians "home opener" in Milwaukee: It was good to see live baseball on television last night, especially since the Tribe pulled it out. I watched part of the game and was amused watching Slider living up to his name and sliding down "Bernie Brewer's" chute. I was somewhat surprised to see that the attendance was over 19000. I guess affordable baseball, played by two teams which should contend, at a neutral site, is going to be attended by fans.

Next, American Idol: Theme was Latin music, a genre which evidently wasn't any of the hopefuls strong suite. I noticed that in the past couple of weeks, the producers have kept the "Sanjaya Nation" waiting till late in the show to see what "hairboy" is up to. Last night his performance wasn't half bad. I think that Haley is the female version of Sanjaya, and if she makes it much further Fox will have to schedule the show for later in the evening, as every week she seems to be wearing less and less. And speaking of overexposure, LaKisha looked a little too much like a tramp last night and if you remember last years competition, Mandissa, whom I felt had one of the best voices was voted off on country week when she did a song originally sung by Shania Twain. Last night LaKisha did a number originally done by Gloria Estefan. The visuals can kill.


WZZP said...

Indians fever! It's catching fire for everyone.

74WIXYgrad said...

Even with the cheeseheads.

Tim Lones said...

Indian Fever..You can be part of the fun!..
The Indians of the 1960's, 70's and 80's had some awful teams, but they sure had some awesome theme songs..

Nice come from behind win today 4-2..over 52,000 came out for the series in Milwaukee..

BizDecision said...

WIXY...good call on Haley. And on elimination night, she denied being risque while wearing a top that was off her shoulders (wearing no bra). The week before, she wore a dress with no back. Whatever, Haley.

The sad part is that on a Latin themed night, most of the contestants suffered and struggled to pull off Miami Sound Machine music??? Come on!