Thursday, April 05, 2007

Drive around the old stomping grounds

First I got this call from Mrs74WIXYgrad gloating that it was 80 and sunny in Florida today and they spent time at the pool. She especially gloated when I told her that I was five minutes late for work because of the snow.

I left work early today as I had to take the MrsWIXYmobile to Legacy Ford in Brunswick to get some recall work done on it. It was in and out in no time, so I decided to drive around as I had time before my doctor's appointment. I grew up not far from where that Ford dealership was located. As a matter of fact I remember when that was an open field. I also used to ride my bicycle on what is now interstate 71(I am really dating myself now).

After a look around the new Marc's next to K-Mart, I headed east on 303. The Brunswick of 2007 looks very little like the Brunswick of 1977, at least not from 303. Hinckley, on the other hand, looks somewhat like time had stood still from the major arteries. A couple of differences in the middle of town, but not much. Sort of reminds me of some of Medina. When I first got married, we lived in an apartment on the west side of town. Now some of Medina has grown immensely. Other parts, such as S. Huntington St., just off of 18 has changed very little. You might say it's in a time warp. Some might even say it's a travesty, but I like it when there is little change.

I headed south on Ridge Rd., and took a look at the new Highland High School. Very impressive.
Some day I'd like to take a look inside.

Tomorrow is a somewhat short day at work, which is good as I don't want to contend with incoming traffic for the home opener. I would like to have the coffee and hot coco concession, cause it will be cold at game time.

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Rich in Medina said...

The inside of Highland HS is as impressive as the exterior. State of the art in many ways. The challenge will be housing all the new students that are moving into the district.