Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quick ones

First-Imus in the unemployment line: I have one word-Retire. Where were the protests years ago when he routinely did his Reverend Billy Sol Hargis routine? It's getting so the only people that can be offended are Christians.

Next-American Idol sends the right one home. I was afraid to see how much Haley wasn't going to wear if she stayed on. Sanjaya, however is still on. He gave a half decent performance and at least made Idol look less like the Gong Show. This week. What will happen next week? Tune in to find out.

I heard from Brenda of the WGBB(World's Greatest Band Boosters), now a published author, as her article(first seen here)was published in this past Sunday's Northeastern Wayne County edition of The Post. She has told me that the WGBB would be having a spaghetti dinner, which will be a fund raiser for pay to participate. It will either be June 1 or 2. Details later.

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