Monday, April 16, 2007

Look what the wind blew in

Keeping things light as I am watching the evening news: Anyone who reads these words today in Northeast Ohio know about the winds we had this evening. As I was walking through the Sam's Club parking lot, I was grateful for two things-one, that I am a big guy, and second, the way my hair was blowing around I was glad(for once) I wasn't Donald Trump. I did make the save of the day, however. I caught a shopping cart that was blowing through the parking lot.

Saturday, with the help of the WIXYmobile, I delivered 37 breakfasts as part of my church's monthly fund raiser, country breakfast. All the hungry folks in Rittman helped us raise almost one thousand dollars.

The WIXY's Gone Bananas podcast is closer to becoming a reality. I got my headset mike, Audacity is downloaded on my computer, I have an account with PodOmatic, and my creative juices are flowing. Now all I need is the nerve. Side note, I was thinking of podcasting before I thought about a blog. Yeah, some may finally get to hear what I sound like.

Let's think some good thoughts about our tribe. They only get one hit yesterday but still beat the White Sox. In years past, that would have been the other way around. Keep your fingers crossed.

And lastly: Tim Lones is posting about WTAM/WNBK/KYW/WKYC/WWWE etc., on his blog, Cleveland Classic Media. Tim does a very thorough job in his research and is very meticulous in his reporting of the television schedule of the day. If you have any interest in media history in this area of the country, I suggest you go to his blog often. The worst thing that can happen is you will be educated, and in this case education can be fun.

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Tim Lones said...

Thanks for the continued support WIXY..There are a couple of more posts up now..This is gonna be like a 4 part series.I sometimes wonder if anyone else is getting anything out of this..Not a lot of comments but as long as I can find something to write about, I'll give it a go..