Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hope you enjoyed Spring

Well, it's back to winter for a few days. So much for global warming.

I get a call at lunch time today as I was conducting a study of the insides of my eyelids. It was Mrs74WIXYgrad. She was calling from the ocean, rubbing in the fact that it was really warm there. They are having a good time but I'm looking forward to her coming home.

Something the past couple of days made me think of an old cartoon show I watched as a child. It was called KoKo the Clown. He came "out of the inkwell". Funny only thing I really remember is the theme song. I had to go online to get an image(to your right). You probably can find tons of these cartoons on DVD. Maybe Tim Lones can enlighten us on that. Once again check out his blog, Cleveland Classic Media. I can tell by his first few posts that this is a real labor of love on his part. It also has some really neat links.

As I type this, the Indians are 2-0, after coming from behind to beat the White Sox. Maybe if the bullpen can hold up.....

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newsnomore said...

Out of the ink well comes Coco the Clown

So gather around, for Coco the Clown.

Out of the ink well comes Coco the Clown.

The funniest Clown who ever came to town.